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Kaffeelicious - The other side of Coffee

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Davidoff Cafe at Kaffeelicious Davidoff Cafe at Kaffeelicious

The other side of Coffee - we take this literally. "The Other Side of Coffee" are our bottom upside down designs and drinks. From decorations on the wall to equipment behind the counter, even our cups are designed upside down.

Unique Drink and Food offerings on top of the usual "Coffee fare" let every Kaffeelicious create that unique feeling for guests to stay this "one moment longer"

Our unique combinations and choices of 1883 de Philibert Routin natural Syrups from France with Davidoff Café and Piacetto Espresso and VISTA Fair Trade Coffee from Germany, as well as natural cream open up a complete new sales segment within coffee concepts.

Over 50 different variations of Arctic Cream and Icepresso are available for immediate use, while retaining control over costs and presentation

These items together with our up-side-down Kaffeeslammer are designed as signature drinks for the Kaffeelicious concept.

Kaffeelicious offers 150% to 300% more menu choices at 80% of the operating costs of any competitor concept like Starbucks or Segafredo Zanetti, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and others.


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