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Picasso's | Pizza + Pasta

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Picasso's 32 inch rectangular party pizza Picasso's 32 inch rectangular party pizza

Picasso's | Pizza + Pasta was developed carefully over a period of 2 years by our Development team under the leadership of Thomas Milani.

The unique combination of Sicilian style Pizza and the trademark New York style pizza, makes this a unique offering in the crowded Pizza Restaurant space..

Giving our guests not only a choice between the thin Sicilian style and the more thicker pan-pizza of the New York Style, but also adjustments to the local tastes in Asia with recipe changes in the pizza sauce for example, is what makes Picasso's unique.

The pizza offerings are rounded out by a selection of Asian local and international (Italian and American) pasta dishes

Picasso's unique party pizzas (rectangular and up to 32 inches wide) are another unique offering only available at these restaurants, not better place to join the party with your friends and share a pizza.

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