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Brand Marketing

Eclipse Restaurants offers brand enhancements programs to their Franchisees as part of the Marketing contributions in order to penetrate new markets and and at the same time increase brand awareness for all Franchisees in existing markets.

Brand Marketing Campaigns currently include Internet and Print Advertising in our target markets, which are fully developed by the Eclipse Restaurants Corporate Sales & Marketing department.


Product Marketing

All Eclipse Restaurants' franchise brands pride themselves of their superior food and beverage quality and innovation. Every year we introduce new and exciting products to our brand menus which are accompanied by marketing and advertising campaigns.


Co-Brand Marketing

In all concepts developed by Eclipse Restaurants we use worldwide well-known brands within our ingredients and products. Marketing campaigns in cooperation with these brands enhance the value for our franchisees and at the same time create additional awareness and brand association.


Franchise Materials

We have prepared a collection of franchise documents to get you started on the process of obtaining an Eclipse Restaurants Franchise. From a full Franchise Concepts Presentation, to concept introductions, standard initial capital investment sheets to the full Uniform Franchise Offering Circular and of course the actual Franchise Application, you may download the files directly from the list below .

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