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About Eclipse Restaurants

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Eclipse Restaurants Eclipse Restaurants

Eclipse Restaurants is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hospitality Concepts Asia (HCA), a Hong Kong Hospitality Management & Consulting company with unique concepts for the Hospitality, Hotel and Restaurant Industries.

Eclipse Restaurants has developed a total of 12 restaurant concepts, with 4 of them available for franchise as free-standing restaurants as well as mall and speed center concepts.

Backed by over 50 years of operation of their first restaurant in Buffalo, New York, Eclipse Restaurants' concepts are unique and focused on the success of the Franchisee and his operation. Eclipse Restaurants is currently focused with its franchise operations and expansion on Asia in general and South East Asia in particular.

A dedicated team of seasoned Hospitality & Restaurant Professionals led by Thomas G. Milani, is based in Hong Kong and Thailand to support our franchisees and keep the concepts ahead of the trends in the restaurant industry.

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